17 Jul
The Greystone Event 2023
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Last month, Greystone hosted the 32nd annual Greystone Event at The Las Colinas Resort, Dallas. With nearly 200 attendees representing 33 different communities, the conference had one of the highest turnouts in several years.  

One of the most impactful sessions was “Navigating in a Brave New World,” presented by Co-Chief Executive Officer John Spooner. John posed this major question: as the senior living industry is continually adapting and responding to change, with no clear idea of what is coming next, how do we - senior living providers, sponsors, advisors - anticipate those changes and deliver results? How do we break through? One strategy: create service-rich, choice driven environments.


This idea was a common thread in many other presentations as well. Several presentations looked at how construction and design in communities are being shaped by the choices of the consumer, oftentimes using technology to implement such change. Others highlighted several Greystone clients who are utilizing brand tactics in their dining services to emphasize the choice between services, ranging from lowkey pubs to upscale formal dining. The common theme here is more choice – but it really means more control for the consumer to live the lifestyle they choose.  


Attendees also had the opportunity to hear from John Burns Research and Consulting. Bryan Lawrence took a deep dive into the current view of the economy and the state of the national single-family home market. Highlights included the significant amount of money the Fed Reserve pumped into the economy during the pandemic that has pumped up household balance sheets, as well as 80% of Americans with a home mortgage are carrying an interest rate below 4%. Overall, Bryan shared that stability is returning to the real estate market following a slight reduction in home prices from an all-time high as the pandemic unfolded.  


Many thanks to all who joined us in Dallas, and we look forward to next year’s Event.

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