5 Nov
Chicago, IL
LeadingAge Annual Meeting
LeadingAge Annual Meeting

Greystone is excited to be in Chicago as a Gold Sponsor for the LeadingAge Annual Conference!

If you're attending, be sure to check out our sessions:
Strategies for Securing Your Market Share and Your Future | Stuart Jackson and Brad Straub

Sunday, November 5, 2023, at 1:00 p.m. ET

The age wave is here, and todays’ consumer is looking for a customized, self-directed lifestyle – whether traveling, dining out, purchasing a home, or managing their healthcare. This mindset shift is transforming the physical campuses, pricing structures, and service operations of senior living communities – whether that’s in a campus-based setting or in home. Over the last five years, for-profit development has outpaced not-for-profit development by 800%, while not-for-profit growth has primarily occurred at the organizational level through affiliation between existing organizations. To maintain market share, it is critical that not-for-profit providers undertake new development, major expansions, and grow their home and community-based services to remain relevant in senior services. This session will highlight the latest trends for the next generation of senior living communities, share how certain providers are choosing new markets, and discuss how providers are repositioning and expanding existing assets to grow their market position and respond to the changing consumer mindset.

Learning Objectives:
• Identify avenues for not-for-profit organizations to maintain and grow their market share
• Draw on the experiences and challenges faced by providers as they expand into new markets
• Identify a path to growth that will help them increase market share and secure their organization’s ability to continue serving a mission for decades to come

Fighting Inflation: A Guide for Life Plan Communities | Stuart Jackson, Dana Anders (CliftonLarsonAllen), Dan Hermann (Ziegler), and Chad Sneed (Lutheran Senior Services)

Moderator: Dee Pekruhn (LeadingAge)

Monday, November 6, 2023, at 11:00 a.m. ET

The (bad) news about inflation is everywhere!  Rising costs are dramatically impacting senior living providers from wages to raw food costs and utilities to insurance.  What can LPCs do to course-correct for these areas of impact, both immediately and strategically?  This panel style discussion moderated by LeadingAge’s own Dee Pekruhn will explore various inflation topics to include:  
• What areas of the LPC are most impacted by inflation?
• How organizations are financial planning to reduce costs and adjust revenue streams to offset the influence of inflation?
• LPC’s implementing strategic growth initiatives are facing higher construction costs, rising wages and interest rates, how are they overcoming these impacts without jeopardizing the viability of the project or the existing organization?  
• To combat rising costs, providers are passing through higher rate increases.  What is the typical average annual increase over the last couple of years?  When is a rate increase too much or too little?  

Learning Objectives:

• Learn about the key areas that LPCs are most impacted by inflation
• Discuss a variety of viewpoints on inflation busting strategies
• Discover how providers around the country are adjusting revenue streams to offset the influence of inflation

Develop a Sales Strategy Before Your Next Marketing Event | Kristine Graeber, Leslie Dominguez, Barbara Matamoros (Forefront Living)

Tuesday, November 7, 2023, at 4:30 p.m. ET

With so many high-tech, sophisticated marketing strategies available in senior living today, why do so many of us return to tried-and-true marketing events? Because they work! Prospective residents enjoy attending events as a first introduction to senior living, before committing to a personal appointment. Marketing events – if done right – can increase new lead generation, produce re-inquiries from existing leads, generate appointments, move prospects through the sales funnel more quickly, generate sales, and increase move-ins. Whether you’re new to senior living or have been in the field for years, you’ll enjoy hearing from experienced presenters who know the importance of strategy in marketing events.

Learning Objectives:

• Learn how to engage prospects through events and encourage them to take the next step in the sales journey.
• Learn how to best utilize your sales team before, during, and after the event.
• Discuss a variety of creative event themes, topics, and concepts that aim to engage prospects and retain depositors.

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